Betting with Your Finances: Why Tech Means Gambling Isn’t Always a Risk

Betting with Your Finances: Why Tech Means Gambling Isn't Always a Risk

Is betting a sensible way to sure up your finances and clear you debts? In general, the answer would be no. However, in recent years the growth of online betting has not only helped the industry boom, but create new opportunities.

Perhaps the most obvious innovation from the iGaming world over the last decade or so is the advent of bonuses. As a new player at any of the top betting sites, you can pick up some free credits when you sign-up and make a deposit. Yes, while it’s true there are caveats on these deals and the money isn’t 100% free, but the idea of added value is one that’s common across the industry.

Play and Win For Free

This move towards “something for nothing” has spawned another innovation in recent months: free play lotteries. Unlike traditional betting bonuses, these deals are actually free. Using the advertising revenue model that’s helped make everything from music to video content free, sites such as have found a way to turn betting into a free endeavour.

Players that join the site are given access to two types of lottery draws that, as we’ve said, don’t cost a penny to enter:

  • Daily Draw – Takes place every day and has a £5 prize.
  • 5 Ball Draw – Takes place on a Thursday and Sunday and currently has a jackpot of over £450.

Slick Site Makes Free Money a Reality

Naturally, to make the experience as smooth and efficient as possible, players choose five numbers in the same way they would if they were playing a traditional online lottery. Once they’ve done this, their numbers will be valid for both sets of draws and, to ensure they have the best chance of winning, the site offers a “number checker”.

To stop you from choosing the same numbers as another player, you can plug your selections into the number checker and it will tell you if your combination matches someone else’s. Beyond this, the software works on desktop as well as mobile and making your picks takes just a few clicks (or touches of your screen).

Betting Can be Profitable Thanks to Modern Technology

Now, does all of this mean betting is a great way to build up your bank account? No. However, it’s an interesting use of modern technology and, in this instance, playing is a smart move. Because you don’t have to pay to play or clear any winnings by placing bets, you really don’t have anything to lose. Of course, a win won’t change your life because the payouts aren’t huge. However, money is money and that’s something you can’t ignore.

So, while we’d put a caveat on the idea that betting is good for your finances, there’s no doubt technology has worked in our favour on this one.

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