Weekend reading: May be not

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I have lived happily under Conservative and Labour governments. But I’m glad that voters pushed back against the growing appetite in some quarters for an authoritarian one.

Well done Britain.

Dare we now hope for more than a recognition that we live in a multi-party democracy?

One Financial Times writer thinks so [Search result]:

The election throws up an even larger prize: a more moderate version of EU exit than the one envisaged by Mrs May.

Before pro-Europeans become delirious, Friday’s result cannot be interpreted as an equal and opposite reaction to the Europe referendum. The two main party manifestos did not differ much on the subject.

But the prime minister called this election to secure a mandate for her hard take on exit and failed to obtain it. Most of her plausible successors – Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, and Amber Rudd, the home secretary, who might take on Mr Johnson – are pragmatists.

They will also see where the Tories lost seats: cities, university towns. The bits of Britain that are at ease with the outside world.

We’ll see.

(We all know politics can get tetchy, so please everyone try to keep it civil and constructive if you want to comment. Thanks!)

What caught my eye this week.

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Note: Some links are Google search results – in PC/desktop view these enable you to click through to read the piece without being a paid subscriber.1

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House prices set to keep beating wages, with RICS predicting 3.5% annual growth – ThisIsMoney

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Products and services

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Comment and opinion

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General Election 2017

The results – Guardian

Was this the revenge of the Liberal Metropolitan elite? – Telegraph

How did Theresa May’s gamble fail? [Nice graphics]Guardian

Theresa May’s failed gamble [Search result]Economist

George Osborne savages May in four editions of the Evening StandardTelegraph

“Yet another own goal”: EU braces for Brexit talks delay – Guardian

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Post-election thoughts, and an encounter with an aristocratic Brexiteer – S.L.I.S.

If a ‘soft Brexit’ is back on the table, remind me of the options again? – Telegraph

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Liam Young isn’t pleased about the Tory’s bedfellows – Twitter

Off the investing beat

Experience is overrated – The Irrelevant Investor

Advice for new college graduates – Financial Samurai

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spend a day mattress testing [Video]YouTube

Entropy: Why life always seems to get more complicated – James Clear

Ich bin ein f-cking Millwall now – Telegraph

And finally…

“But if cities are indeed some sort of superorganism, then why do almost none of them ever die? There are, of course, classic examples of cities that have died, especially ancient ones, but they tend to be special cases due to conflict and the abuse of the immediate environment. Overall they represent only a tiny fraction of all those that have ever existed. Cities are remarkably resilient and the vast majority persist. Just think of the awful experiment that was done seventy years ago when atom bombs were dropped on two cities, yet just thirty years later they were thriving. It’s extremely difficult to kill a city!”
– Geoffrey West, Scale: The Universal Laws of Life and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies

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