Weekend reading: Just the links, ma’am

Weekend reading: Just the links, ma’am post image

Articles and ideas that caught my eye this week.

The big mistake is thinking they know when to buy and sell stocks,” Buffett says with a chuckle. “That there are times to buy ’em and times to sell ’em. There’s times to buy ’em. And eventually maybe, when you decide to start dis-saving when you’re 70 or 80 years of age or something of the sort, at that time you may sell ’em. But basically any attempts to pick the times to buy or sell, I think, are a mistake for 99% of the population. And I think that even attempts to pick individual securities is a mistake for people.” – Yahoo

From Monevator

Don’t forget your can opener [On prepping for financial freedom]Monevator

Dividends are not guaranteed – Monevator

From the archivator: Rich friends, poor friends – Monevator


Note: Some links are Google search results – in PC/desktop view these enable you to click through to read the piece without being a subscriber.1

House prices see first quarterly fall for five years – ThisIsMoney

Revealed: The cheapest and most expensive places to die – Guardian

Help! My house has been hijacked [New fraud alert, search result]FT

Emerging market valuations look more appealing than most today – Twitter

Products and services

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs is launching a secondary market – Business Insider

Best fixed-rate ISA returns drop 25% in a month – Telegraph

Zopa has been given full FCA authorisation and aims to launch innovative ISA soon – Zopa

Comment and opinion

Bad investment returns? Your birth year may be to blame – Of Dollars and Data

Waiting for higher bond yields is irrational if you’re passive, and risky – Canadian Couch Potato

How can I minimize tax on my pension? [On the £1m lifetime allowance, search result]FT

Academics argue the return factors justifying Smart Beta strategies and the like are flawed because the initial research gave too much weight to tiny companies – Bloomberg

Closing the self-awareness gap – Abnormal Returns

The fallacy behind populism and automation fears – Investing Caffeine

Should you use a trailing stop loss to reduce risk? – Oblivious Investor

Will Thorndike on how skilled capital allocators compound capital [Podcast]IFG

The most interesting thing about the Buffett / Seides hedge fund bet – The Big Picture

Buffett predicts Berkshire shares will rise the morning after he dies – Bloomberg

One theory why the stock market is so weirdly calm… – New York Times

…and the varied ways people are trying to protect their portfolios in response – Bloomberg

Hedge funds are out of ideas […and lagging the market in 2017]Bloomberg

Dalbar’s famous numbers showing how poorly individual investors time their fund investments are dead wrong, says another researcher… – Advisor Perspectives

…but Dalbar replies people have the wrong notion about what its data shows – Advisor Perspectives

Off our beat

“Mrs. May’s idea that her opponents are merely playing self-interested political “games” is a classic populist trope, one that suggests that constitutional democracy is really an obstacle standing between people and leader. The prime minister’s rhetoric since calling the general election has implied that the best outcome for “the national interest” would be to eradicate opposition altogether, whether that be in the news media, Parliament or the judiciary.” – New York Times

Simple maths explains why Elon Musk’s companies keep doing the barely possible – Quartz

Why first-born children are better leaders – The Atlantic

Give your kids an elite private school education (without the cost) – The Escape Artist

The Great British Brexit robbery: How our democracy was hijacked… – Guardian

…and discover what the psychometrics software makes of YOU – Apply Magic Sauce

Oldsters in their graves could swing a second EU referendum vote – Guardian

Meanwhile, Western civilization could collapse – BBC

And finally

“The traders who did badly were hopelessly emotional about the whole thing. They spent hours trying to get it right – and got caught up in lots of different strategies, confused themselves, took wild gambles. Refused to sell losers. They lied to themselves and others about their losses. They got into terrible states.”
– Robbie Burns, Trade Like A Shark

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from Monevator http://monevator.com/weekend-reading-just-the-links-maam/


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